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digitally printed glass

Digital printing glass/3D printing glass

What is Glass Digital Printing Technology? (also called 3D printing glass) Digital printing glass technology Simply put, it is through digital printing Printing inorganic high-temperature inks directly onto glass After the high-temperature…
jumbo-size glass

Want to broaden your horizons? The jumbo size glass are like works of art, full of visual experience!

Did you find it? From the past to the present, the world in our eyes is getting bigger and bigger!In the field of mobile phones: from small screens to large screens, to full screens。 Without leaving home, we can also see the world through mobile phones, and the field of vision has become splendid...
lacquered glass

What are the characteristics of lacquered glass? How about using it as a wall?

The modern decoration is not only for practicality but also for beauty and individuality. As a new type of characteristic raw material, painted glass…
partition glass

Use of glass partitions to enlarge the space

Glass partitions are now a favorite material for many clients. In addition to enlarging the space, they can also increase lighting and create a sense of lightness in the interior. For example, use two transparent glass doors in a house with…
Showerroom glass

What should be the thickness of the glass in the shower room?

At present, the thickness of shower room glass on the market iscircumstances,…
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