Want to broaden your horizons? The jumbo size glass are like works of art, full of visual experience!

jumbo-size glass

Did you find it? From the past to the present, the world in our eyes is getting bigger and bigger!

  • In the field of mobile phones: from small screens to large screens, to full screens。 Without leaving home, we can also see the world through mobile phones, and the field of vision has become splendid.
  • In the field of automobiles: the glimmer of the roof is no longer satisfied, the panoramic sunroof allows people to have a larger field of vision, and the blue sky and white clouds become within reach.
  • In the field of home furnishing: doors and windows were originally just the nose and eyes on the wall, only for simple ventilation and lighting. But now, people want to get more sunshine and air and a wider field of vision.

At the moment of yearning for a large space, jumbo-size glass is used as the “big eye” of various buildings. The glass on the entire wall maximizes the lighting, enhances the “transparency” and “brightness” of the interior, and the space lighting is invincible!

The all-glass structure extending from the bottom to the top increases the “window-to-wall ratio,” extending the space vision infinitely, presenting an IMAX screen-level visual effect, turning the entire space into an invincible viewing platform with a large field of view! Use the widest perspective to connect with the outside world. Make the whole interior very transparent and domineeringly bring all the scenery into the room, and the visual experience is amazing!

The jumbo-size glass introduces the outdoor scenery into the interior, and the window scenery of each glass wall is an art painting, which “frames” the good scenery into the indoor space! Straight jumbo-size glass is commonly used. The combination of a whole large glass and a small openable fan can not only achieve ventilation but also meet the optimization of vision and lighting.jumbosizeglass

The curved jumbo-size glass design not only takes into account the performance but also increases the decoration and appearance, which visually makes the space larger and more spacious. The arch lines make the overall style of the building soft and smooth, with a unique charm!

Outdoor Curved:

R2200 H6000, AL2400mm, thick: 8-10mm

R3200 H9000, AL3000mm, thick: 8-19mm

Indoor Curved:

R500H2200, AL1200mm, thick: 6-12mm

R1300H3300, AL1800mm, thick: 6-12mm

R1500H3300, AL2200mm, thick: 15mm

R2200H3300, AL2200mm, thick: 19mm

Straight Glass:

W3660*H18000mm, thick: 8-25mm













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