What should be the thickness of the glass in the shower room?

Showerroom glass

At present, the thickness of shower room glass on the market is basically 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, and the compressive strength of the curved tempered glass of the same thickness is higher than that of the flat plate. Under normal circumstances, the impact strength of 6mm thick tempered glass can far meet the needs of the shower room. 6mm is mainly used for the shower room with metal frame edging reinforcement. 10mm to increase the toughness and avoid large shaking and insecurity.

The thickness of the tempered glass is not directly related to self-explosion. Self-explosion is mainly related to the glass material and the tempering process. The process of tempering glass is a process of rapid and rapid cooling. If the glass contains other impurities, due to the different coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction of the material, it may cause cracks during tempering; at the same time, tempering is divided into In order to be fully tempered and semi-tempered, the glass with poor material is generally only semi-tempered, that is, the temperature standard of tempering is artificially lowered. In addition, the self-explosion of the shower room glass is also related to the product structure design, installation, use, and other factors.

The thickness of the normal shower room glass is 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. If it is too thin, the glass is easy to shake. If it is too heavy, it will affect its use and be difficult to install. The problem of self-explosion of glass is mainly because the material of the glass itself is not good and there are impurities. Or the tempering temperature is not up to standard, and it is not strictly controlled at 695 degrees. In addition, the shower room is installed obliquely during the installation process, and the glass is affected by torsion for a long time. All self-explosion problems are not directly related to the thickness of the glass.

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