Digital printing glass/3D printing glass

digitally printed glass

What is Glass Digital Printing Technology?

(also called 3D printing glass)

Digital printing glass technology

Simply put, it is through digital printing

Printing inorganic high-temperature inks directly onto glass

After the high-temperature sintering of the tempering process, it has good adhesion and weather resistance grade characteristics

Advantages: Any pattern, design and unlimited colors, accurate printing, realistic and realistic images, and graphics.


Persistence: The ink dissolves into the glass through high-temperature sintering, does not fade and does not fall off, and has scratch resistance, fire resistance, blister resistance, weather resistance, etc.


Expressiveness: Through any combination of transparency, clarity and opacity, color and pattern, or through gradient techniques to process graphics and colors, digital glass printing can be transformed into a tool for expressing design art.


Scope of application: Combined with the characteristics of digital printing glass, it can be widely used in outdoor decorative glass curtain walls, store door heads, outdoor billboards, and outdoor glass devices; indoor partitions, walls, doors and windows, furniture countertops, cabinet doors, mobile Doors, and decoration panels; electronic glass panels; automotive, high-speed rail/subway and other glass applications; these applications can all be realized.

Silkscreen glass VS digital printing glass

craft Drawing-film-screen-color-printing/artificial matching-drying-Tempering-finished products-washing net waiting for delivery Drawing-printing(/automatic identification-Tempering-finished products
due date a week later instant processing
investment ratio 1 Domestic:1~1.2;import:5~8
occupied area 500㎡ 50㎡
Cost of production 1+unknown additional charges for templates Import:10 times; Domestic: With the development of domestic technology, the product cost is under control, between 1.5 and 3, further domestic promotion and application will be equal to or even lower than the cost of traditional silk screen printing
Environmental friendly Oily (no processing) Water-based (washing net pollution / large discharge) Water-based environmentally friendly paint with almost no emissions
Staff support from 6 people 1~2 people
Realize the product Single color/pattern is harsh Can be multi-colored/approachable gradually, thickness adjustable/arbitrary graphics

Based on the above, digital printing has obvious advantages, and with the advancement of science and technology at any time, the pace of replacing traditional silk screen printing is making great strides.


Expression form of digital printing gradient technique

The gradient of the pattern (the most common practice)

Gradient of color

Gradient of ink volume (mainstream usage)

Gradient of color + pattern + ink volume (comprehensive usage)

Application cases of digitally printed glass

Dark texture print curtain wall application

ink painting printing application

Cedar hit application

Color picture printing case

Marble print case

Application of the printed pattern in backlight


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