Metallic Laminated Glass

Metallic Laminated Glass is a safe, decorative and innovative laminated glass with metal materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper are dropped on the film between the two glass plates (mirror, semi-reflective, or satin). Different mesh densities and colors are available to achieve different looks and levels of privacy. It is a fashionable and practical decorative material in modern interior and exterior design.

Thickness&Color Options

Material:  Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Copper, Imitation metal

Thickness:  0.03mm-3mm

Size Options

Size: width within 1500-2700mm (different metal wires have different widths)


The glass should be stored in a moisture-proof, dry, and ventilated environment.

Customization Options

Digital Print, Engraved, pattern glass laminated, color laminated, etc.


It is recommended to use low-iron glass to reduce self-explosion. Four sides into the frame, avoid exposed sides and avoid using acid glass glue. According to the materials, can choose PVB, SGP, and EVA film for lamination.


Widely used in building facades, indoor partitions, screens, ceilings, walls, balconies, corridors, etc.

Application: airport, hotel, exhibition hall, opera house, office building, shopping mall, bar, private residence.