What are the characteristics of lacquered glass? How about using it as a wall?

lacquered glass


The modern decoration is not only for practicality but also for beauty and individuality. As a new type of characteristic raw material, painted glass has become an indispensable part of people’s individual home decoration, baked glass wall is a very good choice, so what are the characteristics of baked glass, baked glass wall how?

What is painted glass?

Baking glass also called back-painted glass, is a very expressive decorative glass variety, its performance is mainly through spraying, rolling, screen printing, and so on. Paint glass can be divided into flat wall paint glass and frosted wall paint glass. The painted glass is usually dried by natural air, but the disadvantage of natural air-dried paint glass is also obvious, its paint surface adhesion is relatively small, and once the wet environment is easy to fall off. Because of some harm to the human body, in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and for the sake of People’s health, it is produced using environmentally friendly raw materials and materials. The main application scenes of baking glass are glass table, glass image wall, glass background wall, and so on.

Second, the characteristics of painted glass

1. Painted glass has strong water resistance and alkali resistance, so if it is used as an outdoor background wall or a waterproof platform, it is a good choice;

2. In order to meet the environmental protection requirements and for the sake of people’s health, the lacquered glass is made of environmentally friendly materials, which can be used with confidence;

3. Painted glass has strong adhesion and will not fall off easily;

4. Painted glass has strong anti-skid properties due to its special composition of raw materials and processing methods;

5. There are many kinds of colors of painted glass, so the selectivity is very strong;

6. Painted glass can resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays very well, and the performance of resisting color aging is particularly strong;

7. Painted glass has good stain resistance, and it is easier to clean once it is stained;

8. Painted glass has good weather resistance and is easily compatible with structural adhesives.

How about the painted glass wall?

Painted glass walls are made of painted glass as a decorative material, which is extremely beautiful and generous. And also has strong water resistance, alkali resistance, weather resistance, stain resistance, and other characteristics. This material is extremely environmentally friendly and can resist UV rays very well, so it can be used with confidence.


(lacquered glass)


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