Use of glass partitions to enlarge the space

partition glass

Glass partitions are now a favorite material for many clients. In addition to enlarging the space, they can also increase lighting and create a sense of lightness in the interior. For example, use two transparent glass doors in a house with only a one-sided window view to allow light to flow unhindered in the space and let the outdoor green into the interior. The space adds personalization; while another case presents a meeting room full of light, shadow, and a natural atmosphere with all-glass compartments so that nature and the interior are perfectly harmonious.

If you want to make the space more flexible and penetrable, glass sliding doors can be the best choice. You can also combine iron, wood, and other materials to create a semi-open space to create a richness of space, such as designing a kitchen as a The fully transparent partition that allows the homeowner to take care of the child’s movements at all times and is not afraid of the kitchen fumes running into the public area; or the area is separated by a matte glass sliding door to shape the change of space between opening and closing.

The glass partition can enlarge the space, but it seems that there is no privacy, use frosted glass defines privacy, but it also allows light to penetrate the whole space, and it has to be said that it has a sense of design.

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