Decor Glass Heater



“A technical glass product with temperature”, using nano-glass technology, which can be decorated while heating

Product Descriptions:

Product Name: Glass Heating Painting

Power Supply: 220V-50Hz

Rated Power: 1200W

Gear Rate: Stepless

Change Screen Material: Inorganic Glaze

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Heating Method: Semiconductor

Surface Thermal Control Method: APP/Temperature Control Button/ Infrared remote control

size: 66 inches

length: 1639mm width: 644mm height: 41mm

Frame color: titanium black, silver grey

Features: High efficiency and energy saving, safe and reliable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, pattern customization, intelligent interconnection, uniform surface heat, quiet operation, natural soft wind, warm but not dry

Technical advantages: New type of semiconductor surface generates heat, thermal efficiency, and energy saving increased by 60% Uniform surface heat source, 1200W is equivalent to a heater of about 2200W, with higher heating efficiency, and lower power consumption at the same temperature.

Heating technology: Uses electricity to make semiconductor substances under the action of the electric field, the outer electrons of atoms absorb electrical energy to transition from the ground state to the excited state, and the principle of releasing energy when the unstable excited state electrons fall back to the ground state. The energy is a far-infrared spectral line with a thermal effect, with a wavelength range of 4 μm-20 μm, which has a perfect thermal effect and is beneficial to human health.

Transparent: It can ensure that the visible light transmittance exceeds 80% in the case of heating, and the heat is evenly heated. The whole surface is heated evenly after being electrified. The temperature difference is ±1°C, and no visible light is generated.

Transparent semiconductor heating material: In transparent semiconductor surface heating technology, the heating area, and heat dissipation area is more than twice that of the traditional heating wire/heating tube, heating faster and more power-saving.

Special explosion-proof tempered heat-soaked glass: Special process tempered glass, Mohs hardness above 6, scratch resistance, acid, and alkali resistance. Heat-soaked test to minimize the risk of spontaneous tempered glass breakage due to nickel sulfide inclusions within the glass installed in a building.

700℃ Firing Inorganic Color Painting Process: Through nanotechnology, inorganic minerals such as lapis lazuli are made into glaze printing pictures, high temperature firing at 700℃, retina-level picture accuracy, no peculiar smell, health and environmental protection, and no fading.

Digital technology: High-temperature digital printing technology, high-precision printing details, clear and natural. The natural and environmentally friendly inorganic glaze is used as the picture base material, and the tempered picture is sintered at a high temperature of 700°C. HD picture quality, showing every detail

Light /thin/efficient/energy-saving/safe/quiet: The heating screen adopts a surface heat source, and directional heat conduction, and always maintains a safe temperature and a stable constant temperature. The back is insulated to keep the back cool while the face heats up. So as to achieve a safe effect.

Warm and not dry Comfortable heating: not dry, windless feeling, no change Humidity and oxygen content sleep all night, just for you who know life best! The principle of surface heat avoids the situation where the humidity drops sharply when the electric heater of the air conditioner is working. In theory, the warm heart painting is a 0% humidity reduction

Quiet and windless feeling: using the principle of temperature difference thermal circulation, let the warm heart painting naturally form at work Air convection wind, silent and low perception, more suitable for sleep. Natural surface heating, natural air heat circulation system. 10 seconds of heat circulation throughout the house, no mechanical power, quiet and warm

Various temperature control methods: APP/touch switch/infrared remote control Tuya smart APP realizes network temperature control

Infrared remote control Tuya smart APP realizes network temperature control. Multi-function remote control is convenient for the elderly at home who do not like to use mobile apps, they can use the remote control to control. Touch switch control with temperature display, also it is convenient to directly touch to adjust the temperature at home

Little welfare for lazy people, remote control by mobile phone anytime, anywhere, say goodbye to getting up at night and warm up on the way home. Support a variety of mainstream APP control.

Intelligent interconnection, warm home.

Intelligent, more energy-saving APP-controlled control system, remote control of ambient temperature and screen temperature Separate control of dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, frequency conversion temperature control, lower carbon, and energy saving than other electric heating products

Compared with other heating methods

This is a new generation of electric heating equipment that does not occupy space, can be customized at will, has stable temperature, is energy saving, and is healthy and non-toxic. Ordinary wall-mounted heaters cannot effectively isolate heat, and the walls will crack or even peel off when the walls are baked at high temperatures for a long time. There is even a risk of fire when wallpapered. Beautiful appearance, low cost, low energy consumption, thin and light, small footprint, ease of use and installation

High-strength aluminum alloy can well support light and thin heating paintings, and the surrounding round holes can ensure that heat can be dissipated faster, and it is a good thermal conductive material. Two colors are available. According to the color tone of the pattern, the decoration style can be matched with the appropriate border. Currently, there are two color borders to choose from.

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