digitally printed glass

What is Glass Digital Printing Technology?

(also called 3D printing glass)

Digital printing glass technology

Simply put, it is through digital printing

Printing inorganic high-temperature inks directly onto glass

After the high-temperature sintering of the tempering process, it has good adhesion and weather resistance grade characteristics

Advantages: Any pattern, design and unlimited colors, accurate printing, realistic and realistic images, and graphics.


Persistence: The ink dissolves into the glass through high-temperature sintering, does not fade and does not fall off, and has scratch resistance, fire resistance, blister resistance, weather resistance, etc.


Expressiveness: Through any combination of transparency, clarity and opacity, color and pattern, or through gradient techniques to process graphics and colors, digital glass printing can be transformed into a tool for expressing design art.


Scope of application: Combined with the characteristics of digital printing glass, it can be widely used in outdoor decorative glass curtain walls, store door heads, outdoor billboards, and outdoor glass devices; indoor partitions, walls, doors and windows, furniture countertops, cabinet doors, mobile Doors, and decoration panels; electronic glass panels; automotive, high-speed rail/subway and other glass applications; these applications can all be realized.

Silkscreen glass VS digital printing glass

craft Drawing-film-screen-color-printing/artificial matching-drying-Tempering-finished products-washing net waiting for delivery Drawing-printing(/automatic identification-Tempering-finished products
due date a week later instant processing
investment ratio 1 Domestic:1~1.2;import:5~8
occupied area 500㎡ 50㎡
Cost of production 1+unknown additional charges for templates Import:10 times; Domestic: With the development of domestic technology, the product cost is under control, between 1.5 and 3, further domestic promotion and application will be equal to or even lower than the cost of traditional silk screen printing
Environmental friendly Oily (no processing) Water-based (washing net pollution / large discharge) Water-based environmentally friendly paint with almost no emissions
Staff support from 6 people 1~2 people
Realize the product Single color/pattern is harsh Can be multi-colored/approachable gradually, thickness adjustable/arbitrary graphics

Based on the above, digital printing has obvious advantages, and with the advancement of science and technology at any time, the pace of replacing traditional silk screen printing is making great strides.


Expression form of digital printing gradient technique

The gradient of the pattern (the most common practice)

Gradient of color

Gradient of ink volume (mainstream usage)

Gradient of color + pattern + ink volume (comprehensive usage)

Application cases of digitally printed glass

Dark texture print curtain wall application

ink painting printing application

Cedar hit application

Color picture printing case

Marble print case

Application of the printed pattern in backlight

jumbo-size glass

Did you find it? From the past to the present, the world in our eyes is getting bigger and bigger!

  • In the field of mobile phones: from small screens to large screens, to full screens。 Without leaving home, we can also see the world through mobile phones, and the field of vision has become splendid.
  • In the field of automobiles: the glimmer of the roof is no longer satisfied, the panoramic sunroof allows people to have a larger field of vision, and the blue sky and white clouds become within reach.
  • In the field of home furnishing: doors and windows were originally just the nose and eyes on the wall, only for simple ventilation and lighting. But now, people want to get more sunshine and air and a wider field of vision.

At the moment of yearning for a large space, jumbo-size glass is used as the “big eye” of various buildings. The glass on the entire wall maximizes the lighting, enhances the “transparency” and “brightness” of the interior, and the space lighting is invincible!

The all-glass structure extending from the bottom to the top increases the “window-to-wall ratio,” extending the space vision infinitely, presenting an IMAX screen-level visual effect, turning the entire space into an invincible viewing platform with a large field of view! Use the widest perspective to connect with the outside world. Make the whole interior very transparent and domineeringly bring all the scenery into the room, and the visual experience is amazing!

The jumbo-size glass introduces the outdoor scenery into the interior, and the window scenery of each glass wall is an art painting, which “frames” the good scenery into the indoor space! Straight jumbo-size glass is commonly used. The combination of a whole large glass and a small openable fan can not only achieve ventilation but also meet the optimization of vision and lighting.jumbosizeglass

The curved jumbo-size glass design not only takes into account the performance but also increases the decoration and appearance, which visually makes the space larger and more spacious. The arch lines make the overall style of the building soft and smooth, with a unique charm!

Outdoor Curved:

R2200 H6000, AL2400mm, thick: 8-10mm

R3200 H9000, AL3000mm, thick: 8-19mm

Indoor Curved:

R500H2200, AL1200mm, thick: 6-12mm

R1300H3300, AL1800mm, thick: 6-12mm

R1500H3300, AL2200mm, thick: 15mm

R2200H3300, AL2200mm, thick: 19mm

Straight Glass:

W3660*H18000mm, thick: 8-25mm



lacquered glass


The modern decoration is not only for practicality but also for beauty and individuality. As a new type of characteristic raw material, painted glass has become an indispensable part of people’s individual home decoration, baked glass wall is a very good choice, so what are the characteristics of baked glass, baked glass wall how? 1. What is painted glass? Baking glass also called back-painted glass, is a very expressive decorative glass variety, its performance is mainly through spraying, rolling, screen printing, and so on. Paint glass can be divided into flat wall paint glass and frosted wall paint glass. The painted glass is usually dried by natural air, but the disadvantage of natural air-dried paint glass is also obvious, its paint surface adhesion is relatively small, and once the wet environment is easy to fall off. Because of some harm to the human body, in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and for the sake of People’s health, it is produced using environmentally friendly raw materials and materials. The main application scenes of baking glass are glass table, glass image wall, glass background wall, and so on. Second, the characteristics of painted glass 1. Painted glass has strong water resistance and alkali resistance, so if it is used as an outdoor background wall or a waterproof platform, it is a good choice; 2. In order to meet the environmental protection requirements and for the sake of people’s health, the lacquered glass is made of environmentally friendly materials, which can be used with confidence; 3. Painted glass has strong adhesion and will not fall off easily; 4. Painted glass has strong anti-skid properties due to its special composition of raw materials and processing methods; 5. There are many kinds of colors of painted glass, so the selectivity is very strong; 6. Painted glass can resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays very well, and the performance of resisting color aging is particularly strong; 7. Painted glass has good stain resistance, and it is easier to clean once it is stained; 8. Painted glass has good weather resistance and is easily compatible with structural adhesives. How about the painted glass wall? Painted glass walls are made of painted glass as a decorative material, which is extremely beautiful and generous. And also has strong water resistance, alkali resistance, weather resistance, stain resistance, and other characteristics. This material is extremely environmentally friendly and can resist UV rays very well, so it can be used with confidence.


(lacquered glass)

partition glass

Glass partitions are now a favorite material for many clients. In addition to enlarging the space, they can also increase lighting and create a sense of lightness in the interior. For example, use two transparent glass doors in a house with only a one-sided window view to allow light to flow unhindered in the space and let the outdoor green into the interior. The space adds personalization; while another case presents a meeting room full of light, shadow, and a natural atmosphere with all-glass compartments so that nature and the interior are perfectly harmonious.

If you want to make the space more flexible and penetrable, glass sliding doors can be the best choice. You can also combine iron, wood, and other materials to create a semi-open space to create a richness of space, such as designing a kitchen as a The fully transparent partition that allows the homeowner to take care of the child’s movements at all times and is not afraid of the kitchen fumes running into the public area; or the area is separated by a matte glass sliding door to shape the change of space between opening and closing.

The glass partition can enlarge the space, but it seems that there is no privacy, use frosted glass defines privacy, but it also allows light to penetrate the whole space, and it has to be said that it has a sense of design.

Showerroom glass

At present, the thickness of shower room glass on the market is basically 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, and the compressive strength of the curved tempered glass of the same thickness is higher than that of the flat plate. Under normal circumstances, the impact strength of 6mm thick tempered glass can far meet the needs of the shower room. 6mm is mainly used for the shower room with metal frame edging reinforcement. 10mm to increase the toughness and avoid large shaking and insecurity.

The thickness of the tempered glass is not directly related to self-explosion. Self-explosion is mainly related to the glass material and the tempering process. The process of tempering glass is a process of rapid and rapid cooling. If the glass contains other impurities, due to the different coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction of the material, it may cause cracks during tempering; at the same time, tempering is divided into In order to be fully tempered and semi-tempered, the glass with poor material is generally only semi-tempered, that is, the temperature standard of tempering is artificially lowered. In addition, the self-explosion of the shower room glass is also related to the product structure design, installation, use, and other factors.

The thickness of the normal shower room glass is 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. If it is too thin, the glass is easy to shake. If it is too heavy, it will affect its use and be difficult to install. The problem of self-explosion of glass is mainly because the material of the glass itself is not good and there are impurities. Or the tempering temperature is not up to standard, and it is not strictly controlled at 695 degrees. In addition, the shower room is installed obliquely during the installation process, and the glass is affected by torsion for a long time. All self-explosion problems are not directly related to the thickness of the glass.