fabric laminated glass

    fabric laminated glass

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The St. Regis Chicago

Iconic 5-Star Luxury Hotel

The St. Regis Chicago will offer an uncompromising level of bespoke and anticipatory service for all of its guests and condominium owners. Combining classic sophistication with a modern sensibility, the 5-star hotel will feature 192 guest rooms and several exquisite dining options.  Opening in 2023.

Louis Vuitton store glass

Luxury Stores

Louis Vuitton store in Lujiazui Financial District in Pudong, Shanghai, China

Designed by the “king of the retail building design” Peter Marino, in the design of the Pudong financial district by the modern architectural style inspiration, combined with the artistic concept, and build a tradition of craftsmanship combined with innovative concepts of construction quality. Among them, a huge LED screen and covered with relief etching giant LV initials capital letters combined glass building, for the first time for use in mainland China, the whole wall is adjustable LED lighting system, adjustable lighting color changing visual effects.

Art Work

Suspended Art Museum in the City | Chengdu Poly Time Zone

Iconic 5-Star Luxury Hotel

The design team specializes in the project site, brand tonality extracts inspiration from the collision of nature and technology, and deduces the design concept of the city window – a floating art gallery. The landscape and architecture incorporate the inspiration of “suspension” through the interface visibility, the penetration of sight, and the implantation of the suspended ecosystem. Under the leadership of modern style, “floating island-floating window-floating light-floating mirror” is used as the space. Scene guidance to create a rich spatial experience.

Suspended Art Museum


Chinesology In IFC HongKong

The grandeur of the massive entry hall to IFC mall’s newest restaurant, Chinesology, is pure luxury in this land of eye-watering real-estate prices, especially at one of Central’s most premium addresses. The plush interior of this opulently styled restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Victoria Harbour comes to us from Mira Dining. The same group operates neighboring Chinese restaurant, Cuisine Cuisine. The interiors are inspired by the exotic Garden of Eden combined with classic oriental design. Of course, it’s much more modern than your typical Chinese banquet hall. So, it takes a sleek and sophisticated approach to day-to-night dining.


Kuwait Ministry of Education Headquarters

The Ministry of Education Headquarters is a 11-storeyed building.The building’s unique geometric configuration resembling a “Dhow” which reflects the heritage of Kuwait and the Gulf region, plays a major role in the distribution of the Ministry’s various administrative sectors and departments, around a soaring inner atrium of more than 50mtrs in height.

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