fabric laminated glass

Fabric Laminated Glass

Fabric laminating is a laminated glass product with a rich selection of fabrics encapsulated inside. The beauty, color, and texture make it more beautiful than ordinary glass, has high strength and resistance, and is also particularly suitable for use as a material for doors and partitions.

Thickness&Color Options

Material:  Fabric

Color:  Based on the color of the fabric

Size Options

Size: width within 1200-2800mm (different fabrics have different widths)


The glass should be stored in a moisture-proof warehouse,  protected from sunlight before installation, and shipped in a sealed wooden box.

Cleaning and maintenance

Use low-concentration alcohol or professional glass cleaners.

Customization Options

Digital Print, Engraved, pattern glass laminated, color laminated, mirror back, etc.


It is recommended to use low-iron glass to reduce self-explosion, laminated glass to improve safety, and open-top containers for transportation, which are safer and more convenient. It is best to use booms for loading and unloading. Avoid acid glass glue for glass.


Widely used in building facades, indoor partitions, screens, ceilings, walls, balconies, corridors, etc.

Application: airport, hotel, exhibition hall, opera house, office building, shopping mall, bar, private residence.