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How to Choose Glass Design for Your Projects

Given its versatility and design adaptability, glass offers a unique blend of aesthetics and practicality for construction and interior projects. Whether you’re considering a stunning glass partition design for an office or a sleek shower enclosure in a modern bathroom, the choices are extensive. However, selecting the most suitable glass design for a project requires […]

Where to Use Pattern Glass?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but adding an extra layer of aesthetics to the window of a space most certainly enhances its allure. Pattern glass is a type of decorative glass art that has existed for centuries. By etching a distinctive design onto a glass surface, and adjusting the depth and breadth […]

Digital printing glass/3D printing glass

What is Glass Digital Printing Technology? (also called 3D printing glass) Digital printing glass technology Simply put, it is through digital printing Printing inorganic high-temperature inks directly onto glass After the high-temperature sintering of the tempering process, it has good adhesion and weather resistance grade characteristics Advantages: Any pattern, design and unlimited colors, accurate printing, […]