Fiber Mesh Glass

The mesh coming from the future
FIRE RESISTANCE: I-Mesh is certified A-Class according to ASTM tests and Class B-S1-D0 according to European standards: the best ratings in terms of fire resistance in the construction
market, suited for public installations.
DURABILITY: Aging tests and real-life installations in extreme weather conditions show no changes in the performance or color of the material.
RECYCLABILITY: The material is made of just two components: fiber and resin. The resin has a thermoplastic origin, therefore both components can be separated and re-used.
ZERO-WASTE PHILOSOPHY: With conventional fabrics, converters buy rolls of material and create a substantial amount of waste transforming the fabric into a panel. With i-Mesh, no industrial waste is
generated because it is produced in a custom manner, exactly in the shape and pattern desired.
LIGHTWEIGHT: The fibers we use have the best strength-to-weight ratio
and are placed only where needed. The outcome is a lightweight material that equates to lower shipping costs,
compact sizes, and low energy consumption.
LIGHT PROPERTIES: When installed in front of a window, i-Mesh is a great light
diffuser, reducing glare discomfort while producing a higher lux level inside the space, still preserving a high
level of visual comfort.
EASY INSTALLATION: The installation of i-Mesh can be a very simple procedure thus permitting savings in terms of manpower and equipment. No skilled workers are required and everybody can easily install it.
NATURAL VENTILATION: The permeability of i-Mesh panels allows natural ventilation to flow on both vertical applications such as facades, and on horizontal sun shading such as covers.
REUSABILITY: Thanks to its natural mechanical resistance, i-Mesh panels generate considerable savings over disposable materials. The panels can be installed and stowed away regularly event after event, or re-cut for new installations.
THERMAL COMFORT: I-Mesh is classified as cool material that reflects solar irradiation. The use of i-Mesh on facades improves thermal comfort indoors during the hottest months. The cooling properties are enhanced by its air permeability.

Choose Fiber
We have come up with six basic colors, which are the natural colors of the fibers. White, black, gold, copper, brown, and champagne: choose a wonderful monochromatic pattern or a stunning blend.
We recommend six basic colors, the natural color of the fiber. Black, white, gold, copper, bronze, and champagne – choose a monochromatic pattern or a unique combination.

Using ultra-white tempered glass as a carrier:
High Security: Tempered glass has strong impact resistance and safety.
High transmittance: The transmittance of visible light is close to 92%, which is 6% higher than that of ordinary glass.High aesthetics: more beautiful than ordinary glass, with a jewel-like blue edge.
Using SGP/PVB film as the intermediate layer:
Low yellow fat coefficient, ultra-high transparency, blocking ultraviolet rays up to 99%.
The hardness of SPG is 100 times that of traditional sandwich materials, and the strength is 5 times that of traditional sandwich materials.
These properties mean that glass has UV and thermal insulation properties and impact resistance.
Research, development, and creativity are the essence of the iMesh range. Stunning aesthetics, taking aesthetics to a higher level with woven lines for visual comfort, our mesh fabrics guarantee light control and energy savings. i-Mesh provides architects and designers with endless design options, including glass interlayers, furniture components, interior dividers, and architectural glass facades.
I-Mesh combines art decorative glass technology and aesthetic design concept to optimize the generation of glass woven mesh series of outdoor art glass, which enriches the connotation of outdoor art glass and the application of architectural curtain wall selection in glass products.

Application of i-Mesh on Outdoor Exterior Wall
The interlaced weave texture of the woven mesh not only makes the ordinary transparent glass more aesthetically pleasing but also controls the transmittance of light and blocks ultraviolet and thermal energy.

Application on furniture
The exquisite woven glass is applied to the furniture, and a novel and avant-garde design make the furniture more unique visual beauty.