mirror backed

Mirror Backed Glass

Mirror backed

Composite decorative glass with different processing between glass, different back panel, and different surfaces. glass can add visual interest and varying levels of opacity for privacy or light diffusion. this glass is perfect for furniture, glass showers, privacy windows, office decor, and more.

Size Options

Maximum size: 3660*2440mm


Silver mirror, low iron mirror, bronze mirror, antique mirror series


Stored in a moisture-proof warehouse, the glass should be protected from sunlight before installation.

Customization Options

Digital print, pattern glass laminated, frosted glass, color laminated, mirror back, etc.


It is recommended to use low-iron glass to reduce self-explosion, and laminated glass to improve safety.


Widely used in indoor partitions, screens, ceilings, walls, balconies, corridors, etc.

Application: airport, hotel, exhibition hall, opera house, office building, shopping mall, bar, private residence.