back painted glass

Back Painted Glass

Spray-painted glass, also known as baking glass, or painted glass, is a variety of colors of glass paint evenly spray-dyed on the surface of glass by high-temperature drying treatment to get the desired color of the spray-painted glass.

Thickness&Color Options



Size Options

Within 2400*6000mm


The glass should be stored in a moisture-proof, dry, and ventilated environment.

Cleaning and maintenance

Use low-concentration alcohol or professional glass cleaners.

Customization Options

Digital Print, Engraved, pattern glass laminated, color laminated, mirror back, etc.


It is recommended to use low-iron glass to reduce self-explosion, and laminated glass to improve safety. Avoid using acid glass glue for glass, indoor use only.


Widely used in building facades, indoor partitions, screens, ceilings, walls, balconies, corridors, etc.

Application: airport, hotel, exhibition hall, opera house, office building, shopping mall, bar, private residence.